An Interview with Leroy Tice, Esq. P.A.

What is your collaboration?

The team—that is, Team Tice — we’re more important than Leroy Tice as an individual. It’s the team that creates the atmosphere. The team is just motivated; they are motivated every day to do their level best for our clients. They always understand what’s at stake, so the atmosphere…is everyday collaboration and motivation. From the file clerk to the former judges who are a part of our staff, everyone is working collaboratively towards one collective goal, and that is helping to get the results that is desired by our clients. It’s fast-paced, it’s busy…and it’s just a machine of motivation to get the results that are desired by our clients. desire and deserve.

If you could leave your clients with a thought-provoking question, what would it be?

When we meet with clients, we want them to leave with a few thoughts in mind. I would call them things about Team Tice of which they can be confident. First off, and most importantly, we care about their individual circumstances. We understand that injuries are life changing…in many respects.

They need to understand that we care about their physical injuries, their distress, their frustrations, and their concerns. We also want them to know that we are accessible to them. I’ve said it before and I can’t say it enough: They need to be confident that when they call, they are going to get someone on the phone who is motivated to assist in the moment. There is nothing worse than having an attorney who is not present [or] having a staff of an attorney that is not present. I always want my clients to leave my presence understanding that they may not see us working, but we are working, and at a moment’s notice we’re willing to talk through whatever frustrations or concerns [they have].

The last thing that I’d like for a client is to be confident that when they leave our presence, they will get results. There are no guarantees in this world, and as a legal professional, I’m not permitted to make certain guarantees, but the one thing I can say unequivocally is that we work extremely hard to get the results that injured Delawareans deserve and desire.

So, I’d implore that when they leave my presence, they have some confidence—that there are folks working to get the results that they deserve and desire. That is typically the outcome.

If someone gets hurt or injured and they’re in need of your services, what would they do?

Contact Team Tice immediately! We would assess if a Delawarean is injured by way of significant or serious or major, however you wish to categorize the motor vehicle accident or collision. By way of negligence, doctors are good professionals who sometimes makes mistakes.

Or, if the person is injured as a result of a work-related incident which occurs as stated within the course scope of their employment, immediately one should document what has occurred. One should seek medical attention immediately; otherwise, one should contact the appropriate authority.