Workers’ Compensation

Engaging in work activities to earn a living comes with differing levels of risk.  We encourage all Delaware workers to exercise proper safety measures so as to lessen the risk of physical injury.

However, lifting, using industrial equipment, automobile accidents occurring during the course of work, are just a few of the injuring activities we see often, even when a worker exercises due caution.

Delaware workers that are injured within the course and scope of their employment are entitled to benefits which are detailed in Delaware’s Worker’s Compensation Statute.  19 Del. C. § 2301, et seq.  Those benefits include medical expense payments, temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent impairment, disfigurement and compensation for death provided to certain heirs.

When you retain TEAM TICE for a work injury we will work efficiently to ensure that your injuries (perhaps to multiple body parts) are deemed “compensable work injuries” meaning the Employer must compensate the injured worker as so obligated by Delaware Worker’s Compensation Statute.

Note: Under Delaware law your administrative action must be filed within 2 years from the date of the injuring work event. 19 Del. C. § 2361.