Medical Negligence

The purpose for seeking medical treatment is to get better – period.  There are however instances where one not only does not get well, but rather one suffers catastrophic injury or death due to the negligence of the medical treatment provider.

When medical negligence causes catastrophic injury or death Team Tice responds quickly to preserve evidence and investigate the circumstances and events surrounding the unfortunate results.  Our experienced medical/legal consultants will efficiently review the entirety of the medical history and identify the very best medical experts (from renowned medical institutions) who have the skills and expertise necessary to prove that the treating medical provider did not deliver the standard of medical care required under the circumstances.  18 Del. C. § 6853 (Affidavit of Merit).

When you retain Team Tice for a medical negligence case will dedicate the necessary time and resources to ensuring that you and/or your loved ones receive just and fair compensation for the injuries or death which is caused.

Also, and importantly, Team Tice will hold the medical treatment provider accountable and make it very clear that negligence in the practice of medicine will not be tolerated in Delaware as we wish that others do not suffer the same outcomes.

Note: Under Delaware law your legal action must be filed within 2 years from the date of the medical treatment provider’s negligent act – or within 3 years if the negligence could not be discovered within 2 years.  18 Del. C. § 6856.